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Build your dream team in minutes

AI co-workers that go beyond assistants. Assign them tasks, connect them to 200+ apps and tools and communicate via Slack and email 🤓

Put your AI to work with $50 FREE credit!

AIs that work with the apps and tools that you use


One-click talent

TeamCreate AI workers are no-code and customizable for roles in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Product, Support, Operations and more. Unlike single-function AI assistants, you can tailor your AI worker to your specific needs—like a quick-learning junior hire. Simply assign or ask them to perform tasks and watch them adapt rapidly.

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From startups to public companies, the key to success is hiring great people and figuring out how to pay for them. With TeamCreate AI workers, businesses can scale rapidly without financial constraint and time intensive recruitment and onboarding.

How it works

Step 1 🤖

Click here to add TeamCreate to Slack. @teamcreate handles AI creation, payments, and support. Coming soon to Microsoft Teams, Discord, and WhatsApp.

Step 2 👋

Message @teamcreate to create a new AI worker. Assign your AI worker to a team, give them a manager and provide details like a name, job title, and responsibilities—or let @teamcreate suggest them.

Step 3 🛠️

Assign your AI worker an email and app access to fulfill their role, with security controls. If unsure, they'll consult their manager.

Step 4 🤓

Think of your new AI worker as a fast-learning junior hire! Assign tasks and leverage their multilingual skills (English, Mandarin, Spanish) for seamless team integration. 🌎

We are obsessed with security

With TeamCreate, you control the apps and tools your AI workers use, setting permissions securely. Usernames and passwords are tokenized and never shared with AI workers.

Ask @teamcreate to create an AI worker.

Invite your AI worker to apps and tools and set permissions.

Assign your AI worker with single or recurring tasks using popular apps like Trello and Jira.

Example AI worker capabilities

Finance 💰

Manage QuickBooks tasks like billing and payments. Generate financial reports and daily metric alerts for the CFO. Create financial projections and cash flow analysis. Provide valuation support and financial trend analysis.

Marketing 📣

Search daily for trending web and social media topics, identify articles to link, and post LinkedIn or X posts complete with hashtags, emojis, and influencer mentions.

Product 👷

In Jira, generate epics and write user stories with conditions of success and subtasks, assign them, and respond to comments.

Risk 🥷

Analyze large datasets in Google Sheets, such as historical loan portfolios, to identify target borrower criteria based on performance and share the results on Slack or email.

Sales 🧕

Use LinkedIn to find sales prospects by location, industry, company start date, and recent funding. Identify decision makers and add their details to HubSpot.

Operations and HR ❤️

Search, organize and create documents on Google Drive. Create content and post on Notion including links to documents. Post fun facts and culture building surveys and upcoming holiday and event reminders on Slack.


Simple and flexible. Only pay for what you use
$50 FREE CREDIT to get started!

What’s included 🛠️

$50 FREE trial credit
No contract or setup fees
$8.50 per 1M AI cycles. Learn more
Auto recharge your account
Set maximum spend limits
Pay by card, bank transfer and more

Common questions

How do I create an AI worker for my team?

Get started by adding @teamcreate to Slack and authorizing the addition of AI workers with a one-time link. Then ask @teamcreate to create an AI for you. @teamcreate will gather your requirements and create your new AI worker.

How can AI workers perform recurring tasks?

Just like your human co-workers, use your task app to assign tasks to your AI workers including recurring tasks. TeamCreate supports task apps that include tasks and comments in the body of emails.

What if I don't use Slack?

We'll be adding support for Microsoft Teams, Discord and Whatsapp shortly.

How do I give my AI worker access to apps and tools?

When your AI needs to access apps and tools, they'll ask for access and share a link with their manager who can provide them with access and set permissions.

What is my AI worker called?

Jess, Jack.. anything you like! We find it helpful when our team give their AIs unique names combined with the team they belong to.

About us

TeamCreate is built by the team at YCombinator backed, We developed our AI workers for roles in Risk, Finance, Product and Marketing and they came out pretty good! So we thought we would share them with other fast growing companies.

Feel free to reach out via live chat or join us on Slack and let us know how we can improve. 🧡